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THE CODES WE'LL LIVE BY Our Guide to Health & Safety

To Our Guests, Friends & Family,

It is our pleasure to announce that our doors are open and we’re back in the New York groove.

Whether you've called us home since the day we first opened our doors over 24 years ago or you're looking to join us for the very first time, we want to extend our warmest welcome and start by saying: We Can't Wait to See You.

Although the world may be different, our commitment to service through style and sophistication remains unchanged and it is in the spirit of new traditions that we define the path forward, to keep you safe, healthy and comfortable.

While you've been safe in your own home, we've been busy preparing ours. In response to where we are globally, we've made necessary changes to how we operate through enhanced safety and cleanliness procedures, team member training and education, and we've implemented new technology with convenience and innovation in mind. Prioritizing the wellbeing of our guests, team members and community continues to be our top focus and, in doing so, offering a sense of security and confidence that we're taking the best of care.

You'll find our guide to health and safety practices below. It details all of our procedures and changes we've made with your wellbeing and security in mind. We want you to know that you're safe here and that we're welcoming you back mindfully and thoughtfully.

With Love,

Soho Grand

It's All in the Details

CLEAN PEACE OF MIND – Meticulous sanitizing procedures and cleaning protocols are in effect throughout all public spaces, guest rooms and behind the scenes. Cleaning practices follow CDC guidelines and include the use of EPA-approved products effective against viruses and bacteria, ultraviolet light technology and electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectant. A clean bill of health is out top priority.

SPOTLESS: ALL DAY, EVERY DAY – Rest assured, frequent cleaning and extra attention is paid to communal and“high touch” areas within the hotel such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, countertops, room keys, bathrooms, stair handrails and seated and dining spaces. All areas will be cleaned and sanitized three times per shift, while bathrooms will be disinfected every hour.

A NEW CLASS OF CLEAN – Our Team Members have participated in virtual training, consistent with CDC guidelines, and continued education will take place to further implement existing and new health and safety procedures so that our guests are safe and comfortable at all times. In addition, a COVID Team Lead verifies protocols are effectively carried out.

BREATH OF FRESH AIR – Air quality is being monitored with high performance air filters to increase air circulation in the building and all equipment is maintained to DOH standards. Doors and windows will remain open whenever possible to increase fresh air flow.

REST ASSURED – Guest rooms are sanitized and sealed prior to arrival and our linens have been laundered following CDC guidelines. We won’t enter your room for any reason, unless you request a refresh and we’ve also removed all high-touch items such as notepads and magazines but don’t worry, we have that stuff available should you request it.

In Good Company

THE SPACE BETWEEN US – We’re going the distance, at least 6 feet to be exact, and we have designated signage and floor markers that lead to the road less travelled.

SHIELDS UP – PPE (personal protective equipment) is being worn by our team at all times. This includes masks, face shields and gloves. All of our team members will have their temperature taken daily, before their shift begins, to ensure your health and wellbeing and that of fellow team members.

WITH THE WAVE OF YOUR HAND – Touch-free hand sanitizer stations are posted up and in position throughout the hotel, just give them the signal.

COMING TOGETHER, APART – Capacity restrictions and reconfigured floor plans ensure social distancing in our public spaces such as restaurants, bars, elevators, restrooms, fitness centers and event spaces.

IN GOOD HEALTH – We’ve raised the bar with our already strict Food Safety Programs and Food Handling Procedures by implementing further hand sanitizing practices, produce washing and vendor protocols.

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Contactless Room-service will be delivered outside guest rooms with sustainable, single-use packaging.

High-Tech Health

LET’S GET DIGITAL – Check-in Online and give us your ETA in advance and we’ll have your room key pre-packaged in a single use wallet upon arrival to minimize any extra face-time. Our completely Contactless Arrival Technology is on the way which includes mobile keys.

SMARTER, NOT HARDER – Our In-room Samsung Smart TV’s are entertainingly yours with virtual fitness sessionsChromecastIn-Room Dining, and serve as a digital resource for all guest services including health and safety procedures.

EASY AS 1-2-TEXT ME – Message us any time for anything you need and we’ll text you right back in real time.

HEALTH CHECK TECH – We’ve introduced infrared technology that monitor the temperatures of arriving guests and fellow travelers so that you are safe throughout your stay.

Soho Grand Hotel

310 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013

(212) 965-3000
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Soho Grand Hotel

310 West Broadway
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